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Action & Visioning
Skeena Rathor
Skeena Rathor is a British activist of Kashmiri descent and mother of three girls. She works to strengthen communities, helping them to heal from historical oppression and prepare for the crises we are facing.
Actions & Strategy
Dr Larch Maxey
Sacrificing his own comfort, scientist, geographer and Extinction Rebellion activist Dr Larch Maxey uses direct action to drive the urgent changes needed to avoid societal collapse.
James Ozden
James is currently doing social movement research at The Social Change Lab to understand if, and how, protest can help tackle the world's most pressing problems.
Jonathan Mintram
Jonathan is an International Fundraiser and Strategist for direct action groups, as well as a Marketer and Distributor of Grassroots content globally
Linda Doyle
Linda has a range of experience facilitating workshops, trainings, people’s assemblies, meetings and giving talks. As a member of Extinction Rebellion UK, she has delivered talks on citizens‘ assemblies has given talks on how deliberative democracy can advance the UK’s outdated political system, along with in-depth trainings on how to self-organising (e.g. how to facilitate, servant leadership) within social movements.
Howard Rees
With almost 20 years experience in public relations in the private, public and charity sectors, Howard has worked at the cutting edge of nonviolent civil disobedience climate and environmental activism in the UK since 2006.