How to Fundraise: A Guide to Fundraising for Non-Fundraisers
by Jonathan Mintram
Get a practical guide to fundraising and learn tips on everything from preparing your fundraising story to processing donations.

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In Detail
[Week 1 – Who do you ask and in what way?](why)

In this activity we begin with a short introduction to the course and your team of educators.

The fundraising mix. This activity introduces the concept of the fundraising mix and explores what types of formal groups and organisations give to charity and non-profit organisations.

The individuals who give and why. In this activity we will look at the many reasons why individuals give to charity. Understanding how they make their decisions may help you choose how to fundraise from them.

Your potential supporters. Who you ask for support from will be depend on many factors. In this section, we consider how might go about determining which funding sources are suitable for your cause or group.

[Week 2 – What are you asking for and who does the asking?](what)

Finding your fundraising stories. In this activity we introduce the concept of fundraising as social and emotional labour. Understanding this can help to develop your case for support.

What and who do you need to tell your story?
This activity focuses on who else within a charity helps make for effective fundraising, and the possible roles that these individuals may play.

Your fundraising story. In the final activity for Week 2 you'll be writing and testing your own fundraising story.
Jonathan Mintram
Jonathan is an International Fundraiser and Strategist for direct action groups, as well as a Marketer and Distributor of Grassroots content globally