Action Empowerment Training
by Dr Larch Maxey
Through this life changing course you will be empowered to help stop societal collapse and the Climate and Nature Emergency, overcome Eco-Anxiety, connect with others, build community and unleash your potential!

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In Detail
All welcome whatever your level of experience or commitment - come and get trained up if you’d like to find community, stop societal collapse and turn the Climate and Nature Emergency into an opportunity to create world peace!

Learn why we are now in danger and what we can do about it, including the science of social change as well as the science of climate and ecological breakdown.

Learn personal and collective tools for resilient, effective organising, community and movement building.

Gain deep understanding into how we can create rapid systemic change. Learn from successful direct action campaigns, both recent and historical.

Includes fun, practical exercises and hands-on action learning.

Form action support and sharing circles, gaining lifelong connections.

Includes an introduction to understanding legal systems and your basic rights training.

Become a vital, valued part of a growing movement whatever your strengths, talents and passions.
Actions & Strategy
Dr Larch Maxey
Sacrificing his own comfort, scientist, geographer and Extinction Rebellion activist Dr Larch Maxey uses direct action to drive the urgent changes needed to avoid societal collapse.
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